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Telekinesis Simulator is a tech demo where you can try how does it feel to control something by distance with your hand and eyes (so like telekinesis).

How it works: you look at something and then you move it by moving your hand.

There are two type of movements: you can grab stuff (by slightly closing your hand) or you can push them around in four different directions (up, forward or left/right).

The game is like a playground where you can try to move the cubes on the other platform or you can try to hit that moving capsule to get new cubes.

It uses an eye tracker (to detect where the player is looking at) and a leap motion controller to detect the hand movements.

Made with Unity, Tobii EyeX and Leap Motion (which you need to have installed on your Windows computer).


Game design and programming
Francesco Laddomada

Ripped from "Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy" (LucasArts)
by iteachvader

Background music
"Night of Chaos", Keving MacLeod


telekinesis_simulator.zip 22 MB

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